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A quick overview of significant details as they differ from the average RPG rules/assumptions, as well as a listing of key pages for new players to understand the setting.

Society and GeographyEdit

  • Cities - Towns, castles, forts and villages.


  • Characters - The characters of the stories.
  • Companions - Animals and other creatures who play a prominent part in the stories.


  • Races - The various sentient peoples that inhabit the continent.
  • Religion - The beliefs and deities revered by the people.
  • History - Major events and myths that have shaped history in some way.
  • Culture - Language, calendars and other cultural tidbits.


  • Banishment of the Blackblades - Raito, Caelan, Ragoom and Broken Tusk struggle to uncover the plots of the warlord Osamu.
  • Advent of the All - Lucca, Caitlyn and Victor, mercenary detectives, solve supernatural mysteries. Later, a ragtag group of unwilling allies must save the plane from extraplanar invaders.
  • Rise of the Runelords - Eamon, Khyrralien, Virgil and Luna protect a church...or something.
  • Emerald Spire - Kormon and Marin venture into the dungeon known as the Emerald Spire.
  • Ravenloft - Bronke and Alefina navigate the nightmare of Lord Ardelian's domain.
  • Scrapbook - Exactly what it says on the label! Extra pictures for your viewing pleasure.
  • Tiny Books - Short stories or informational brochures found by the characters of the grander stories.

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